Christmas Holiday in My Thoughts

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Christmas Holiday in My Thoughts

How many days till Christmas ?. Christmas is an annual holiday and also called X-mas or Noel. It was created to memorize the birth of Jesus Christ. Today, Christmas is often celebrated in different ways on December of the 25th in the most country in the world. People will go to the church and sing the Christmas carol in this day.

As you know, the symbols of Christmas are Christmas tree, Christmas card, Father Christmas – Santa Claus…. Santa Claus is an old, fat man with the white beard who travels in a sleigh by reindeer and climb down the chimney to bring some gifts to the children while they are being asleep and the gifts are contained in the socks. This time is winter so it’s too cold and snowflakes outside. Many children often go outside and have fun with creating the snowman.

Christmas is also a time for family and friends. In these days, people exchange gifts to each other or send some flowers and good wishes to their parents, children, and friends….with hoping great things will come to the person who loves. In the evening, people often stay at home and celebrate a party together. Some people will decorate the Christmas tree, they hang on many things like a couple of bells, some small boots, some empty gifts, tinsels, fairy lights… They also put a wreath in front of the door and some balloons in the house as well. They open a carol, or some songs of Christmas like We wish you a merry Christmas, all I want for Christmas is you and so on. The children can also make hot chocolate or decorate cookies themselves while their parents and other members are preparing the dinner with Turkey, salads, stuffed potato skins, champagne or cocktails.

Turkey is a meal that can’t lack in this holiday and it is considered a main meal of the Christmas dinner. It is really the best dish with many ingredients. We can cook the turkey in many ways but the roast Turkey is often chosen.

The Pudding is a traditional dessert for the Christmas dinner. It’s tasty and so simple to make. The Eggnog is a typical cocktail in the holiday. It’s made from milk, cream, sugar and eggs, addition to rum or whiskey.

After everything is done, they put a big Turkey’s dish in the middle of the table, and other foods around it like many kinds of candy, cakes, eggnog...

The family members and their friends sit around the table and have some cheers to happy and listen to the Christmas carol also. What a beautiful and warming atmosphere! They start to eat the main meal and after the main course, the pudding will be served.

Christmas tree decorating ideas

After the party, everyone will exchange gifts, beautiful cards, send best wishes, give hugs and kisses to each other. They often stay up late until midnight to open the gifts.

Christmas is an important and great festival in the year. I love Christmas Day because it brings many great things to our life and to the people we love.
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